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Call for Proposals

The 2020 Annual Meeting of MSERA will be October 28-30, 2020, in Little Rock, AR. All members of MSERA and others are invited to submit proposals for possible inclusion in the program. Proposals for (a) Discussion sessions; (b) Display sessions; (c) Symposia; (d) Training sessions; or (e) Research in Progress sessions will be considered if they are submitted electronically by July 15, 2020. Proposals are to be submitted in the form of an abstract.

All abstract submissions
●    must be submitted online through the proposal submission portal no later than July 15, 2020;
●    should not include the proposal title, references, tables, or lists;
●    and may not exceed 500 words.

Subsequent communication between the Program Chair and the primary author will be conducted by email.  It is important that primary authors are able to access email during the period of June 30 through September 15.

Submit one completed proposal Information web page form for each paper.

The primary author will be notified by email of receipt of the proposal. Each proposal will undergo a blind review process. Only the title and the abstract, along with the proposal ID, will be provided to reviewers.

Final notification of the disposition of each proposal will be e-mailed to the primary author no later than September 15, 2020.

Direct all correspondence to the 2020 program chair, Michael Mills.

Please review the following sections regarding proposals. A link to submit a proposal can be found in the final section.

Proposals Eligible for Submission

Descriptions of Eligible Proposals

Participation Requirements

Electronic Presentation Equipment

Proposal Submission

Proposals Eligible for Submission

All members of MSERA and others are invited to submit proposals for the following sessions:

  • Discussion/Paper
  • Display/Poster
  • Symposia
  • Training
  • Research in Progress (students only)

All submissions for the James E. McLean Outstanding Distinguished Paper Award and the Herbert M. Handley Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award must be submitted as a proposal for the Annual Meeting and also must follow specific instructions for each award. Click here for specific instructions for each award.


  • All information submitted in a proposal is assumed to be accurate and print-ready. No program proof will be provided to presenters. Proposers must ensure that all information in a proposal is accurate (e.g., spelling of presenters' names).
  • Only first and last names will be used in the program; therefore, proposers are asked to submit only first and last names. Courtesy titles (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr.), academic credentials following a name (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D.), and middle initials will not be included in the program.
  • Authors of accepted proposals are expected to submit the complete manuscript before the date of their assigned presentation. Submission details will be provided to the primary authors of accepted proposals. All manuscripts must adhere to APA 7th edition format. Multimedia presentation slides are not considered complete manuscripts.
  • Completed manuscripts will be available online after the Annual Meeting and are not considered as publications.
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Descriptions of Eligible Proposals

Discussion Sessions

Paper presentations are arranged around a general topic. Each participant will make a 10-13 minute presentation. A general discussion will follow the presentation. Papers may be one of three types: 

●    research, evaluation, or program results
●    position papers
●    reviews of the literature

An abstract for a paper presenting research, evaluation, or program results should include the following:
●    a statement of the problem
●    a brief description of the research that provides the theoretical grounding for the problem
●    a summary of the methods which includes a description of data collection, instrumentation, analysis, and subjects
●    results
●    conclusions/implications of the study

Evaluation criteria will include the five areas listed above. Abstracts not including this information in sufficient detail to enable reviewers to evaluate the study adequately are likely to be rejected.

An abstract for a position paper should contain the basic tenets of the position and supporting evidence.

An abstract for a review of literature should include a statement of the problem, method of selecting relevant articles/studies, basic findings, and implications.

Display Sessions

Displays are to be organized to permit informal discussion of research projects, innovative instructional or administrative techniques, or new types of instrumentation. Display presenters will be provided a table and chair for their presentation; therefore, the display should be free standing. No other equipment will be provided (electrical access, easels, display boards, etc.). Displayers will have at least one hour for a session. Abstracts for displays should include a description of the topic, its significance, and methods used.


Symposia are 50 minute sessions that contain several research papers on a single topic. Abstracts for a symposium should include an overview, summaries of several papers, and suggestions for audience participation. The cover sheet for a symposium should list the organizer as the senior author and should include the title and presenter of each of the papers in the symposium as "Co-authors." If the organizer presents a paper, s/he should be listed among the co-authors in addition to the listing as organizer.

Training Sessions

Offered on pertinent and popular topics, these sessions last one or two hours. Abstracts should include scope of the session, objectives to be covered, and a brief summary of the activities. An abbreviated vita for each trainer must be sent as a separate email attachment to the program chair.

Research-in-Progress (RIP) - Graduate Students Only

These sessions are reserved for graduate students who are not yet finished with their research studies. Each participant will make a 10-13 minute presentation. A general discussion will follow the presentation. Papers must describe research or the plan/literature review on which the student is currently working. Papers may be one of two types:

  • research, evaluation, or program results
  • reviews of the literature

An abstract for a Research in Progress session should include as much of the following that the student currently has. Not all elements are needed to submit for these sessions:

  • a statement of the problem
  • a brief description of the research that provides the theoretical grounding for the problem
  • a summary of the methods which includes a description of data collection, instrumentation, analysis, and subjects
  • results
  • conclusions/implications of the study

Once a student's presentation has been provisionally accepted, the student will be required to submit his/her contact/affiliation information and a letter of support to the RIP reviewers in order to receive any available funding and to be scheduled for the conference.

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Participation Requirements

  • Primary authors of papers selected for presentation will be notified by email of their scheduled presentation in the program. The e-mail will give the title of the presentation, author(s) and institution(s) of affiliation exactly as it will appear in the program. The date and time of the presentation will also be given. The program chair must be notified of any changes in date or time assigned, as well as any changes or corrections to the program citation by September 15, 2020. Program corrections cannot be made after this date.
  • Primary authors of papers selected for the program must present their papers in person. If adverse circumstances prevent this, the primary author has the responsibility for obtaining a substitute to make the presentation. Not meeting this obligation could prevent your acceptance for proposals submitted to MSERA for future years. The program chair must be notified of any changes of this nature as soon as possible.
  • All presenters (including co-authors who attend) must register for the meeting prior to presenting their papers.
  • Each contributor may be the primary author of no more than a total of two discussion papers, displays, symposium papers or training sessions. Contributors may participate as a second or later author on as many papers as desired. The program chair cannot guarantee that individuals who appear as second or later authors on numerous papers will not experience conflicts in scheduling.
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Electronic Presentation Equipment

A screen and data projector will be available in each meeting room. All other equipment--including laptop computers or tablets--must be provided by each presenter. Again, laptop computers will not be provided. Data projectors will be accompanied with VGA cables (possibly HDMI cables); presenters must provide their own Mac adapters or HDMI cables.

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Proposal Submission

Use the link below to access the proposal. Submitting a proposal is your acknowledgement that you have read and understand all details present above on this Call for Proposals.
Click here to submit your proposal

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