2014 MSERA Annual Conference:
Herbert M. Handley Outstanding Dissertation/Thesis Award

Each year MSERA sponsors the Herbert M. Handley Outstanding Dissertation/Thesis Award.  Any current member of MSERA, who has completed a dissertation or thesis during or after the summer, 2012, which was submitted in partial fulfillment of degree requirements at a college or university within the member states of MSERA, may submit a summary for this award.  The award winner receives a plaque and a $250 cash award.  The dissertation director is also recognized.

To be eligible for this award, the author must use the on-line submission process to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words as outlined in the Call for Papers.  In addition, an electronic copy (in pdf or Word format) of the summary of the dissertation/thesis and a separate electronic cover sheet must be sent to the Awards Chair.  The on-line abstract submission and electronic review copy and cover sheet must be received by July 15, 2014.

The dissertation/thesis summary submission may not exceed 25 double-spaced, typewritten pages, including narrative, tables and bibliography.  Author name, institutional affiliation, and dissertation director's name and affiliation should be provided only on the cover sheet, and not included in the electronic review copy.  The title of the dissertation/thesis summary should appear on the both the cover sheet and review copy.

Where to submit:

Abstracts must be submitted at the web site (go to Call for Papers).

In addition, an electronic copy of the complete dissertation/thesis summary and cover sheet must be sent to Gail Hughes:
Gail Hughes, University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Selection Procedures for the Award:

Review for the award is a two-step process.  First, the Program Committee will review abstracts of the submitted thesis/dissertation summaries to determine if they will be accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting.  Second, the Distinguished Awards Committee will review the thesis/dissertation summaries accepted by the Program Committee, to identify the most outstanding among those submitted.  The chair of the committee will ensure that each submitted summary receives a minimum of three (3) blind reviews by members of the Distinguished Awards Committee.  The five (5) summaries receiving the highest composite reviews (or all summaries if fewer than six entries are submitted) will then be reviewed by members of the Distinguished Awards Committee based on all possible pairwise comparisons.  The dissertation/thesis summary judged to be most outstanding at the conclusion of the two-stage process will be declared winner of the competition.  The chair of the Distinguished Awards Committee will announce the award winner at the MSERA annual meeting.  The abstract from the winning dissertation will be published, on the MSERA web site, in the MSERA Educational Researcher, or both.


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