MSERA Contact Information:

Whom to contact about this and that

Questions about membership or dues, annual meeting registration, membership directory, change of address, or receiving MSERA mailings:

Shannon Chiasson, MSERA Secretary 
University of New Orleans

Questions about this year's annual meeting, program, status of your paper proposal or presentation:

Mindy Crain-Dorough
Program Chair
Southeastern Louisiana University


Questions about the MSERA Researcher (newsletter):

Julie Holmes, Louisiana Tech Univeristy or Randy Parker, Louisiana Tech University

Questions about the journal, Research in the Schools:

Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Co-Editor, Research in the Schools
Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling
Box 2119
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas 77341-2119
Phone: (904) 294-4509
Fax: (904) 294-3886

Questions about the MSERA Proceedings:

Franz Reneau, Florida A&M University

Questions about the MSER Foundation:

Ava Pugh
University of Louisiana at Monroe
236 Strauss Hall, ULM
Monroe, LA 71209
Phone: (318) 342-1282
Fax: (318) 342-3131

Questions about MSERA matters pertaining to your state:

Link to list of state and at-large representatives

Questions concerning nominations for officers and board members:

Michelle Haj-Broussard, Past president, MSERA
McNeese State University
Box 92300
Lake Charles, LA. 70609


Questions concerning paper/thesis awards:

Herbert M. Handley Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award
James E. McLean Outstanding Paper Award

Questions concerning just about anything else:

Link to current year committee chairs, or

Kathy Campbell, President, MSERA
Dept. of Educational Leadership & Technology
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA 70402


Cliff Hofwolt, Executive Director, MSERA
230 Appleton Place, #230
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 322-8227
Fax: (615) 322-8014

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