MSERA Mentors

The MSERA mentors are experienced, generally long-term members of the organization who volunteer their expertise to graduate student and newer members of the organization who may wish to seek advice on any phase of their own research, evaluation or development efforts.  Below are listed the current mentors with contact information.  Feel free to get in touch with the member(s) whose area(s) of expertise most closely match with your area of interest.  This service was an outgrowth of a committee chaired initially by Carolyn Reeves-Kazelskis.  Currently, Linda Morse serves as chair of the mentors group.  At the annual meetings, there are typically two sessions set aside for students and anyone else interested in meeting with and getting suggestions from mentors.


Area(s) of expertise


Judy Boser Survey research, teacher preparation, evaluation
Harry Bowman Research design, quantitative data analysis, evaluation, instrument development
Nola Christenberry Counselor supervision, counseling program development, adolescent suicide.
Bill Deaton Statistical analysis, measurement, research design
Larry Daniel Research methodology, leadership, educational accountability
Jeffrey Gorrell Educational psychology, evaluation
Gerald Halpin Statistics
Glennelle Halpin Educational psychology
Clifford Hofwolt Attitudes, science education
Carolyn Reeves Kazelskis Literacy, reading, attitudes, teacher education
Richard Kazelskis Research, statistics, measurement
Rob Kennedy Research, statistics, educational technology
Jimmy Lindsey Special education, learning disability, reading technology
Carl R. Martray Cognition, achievement motivation, behavior management
Walter Mathews Administration in higher education
James E. McLean Research methods, statistics, measurement, accountability, action research
David Morse Measurement applications, statistics, evaluation, creativity/giftedness
Linda Morse Educational psychology, research
William A. Person Classroom interaction, non-verbal communication, problems of secondary education, pupil attitudes toward standardized testing

Ava Pugh Science education, elementary education, learning styles/multiple intelligence
Qaisar Sultana Special education law, special education teacher preparation/quality/ retention, teaching effectiveness

Note: We do have photographs of several of the mentors, but many are camera-shy and feel that it's what's inside that counts.