MSER Foundation

The MSER Foundation, a nonprofit organization incorporated in Tennessee, supports the activities of the Mid-South Educational Research Association.  Examples of this support include competitive funding of research projects conducted by MSERA members, paying the registration fee for the MSERA home page URL, increasing the award to recipients of the outstanding paper competition, and helping to celebrate the 25th anniversary (1996) of MSERA. Donations to the MSER foundation are fully tax deductable.

Want more information? Contact one of the following:

President, MSER Foundation: Rob Kennedy, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
     Phone: (501) 603-1162; Fax (501) 523-7989

Executive Secretary: Cliff Hofwolt
     Box 330, Peabody College
     Vanderbilt University
     Nashville, TN 37203
     Phone: (615) 322-8227
     Fax: (615) 322-8014

MSER Foundation Plans for 2008-09:
  1. Contribute support to graduate students in the Research in Progress series.

  2. Continue to supplement outstanding paper award by $250.

  3. Continue to support the costs of the MSERA web site, up to $250.

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