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Research in the Schools is a nationally-refereed journal, published twice each year.  MSERA members receive a free subscription.  Editors: Tony Onwuegbuzie & John Slate.  

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In the latest issue: Spring, 2013, Volume 20(1)

Onwuegbuzie, A. J., Mallette, M. H., Hwang, E., & Slate, J. R.(2013). Editorial: Evidence-based guidelines for avoiding poor readability in manuscripts submitted to journals for review for publication. 20(1), i-xi.

Ballard, I. B., Chappell, M., Johnson, S., & Ngassam, M. D. (2013). Middle-class parental involvement in the summer activities of four elementary students: A qualitative study. 20(1), 1-14.

Morse, A. (2013). “The plate that runneth over”: An inquiry into department head fundraising role. 20(1), 15-22.

Cantrell, S. C., Powers, S. W., & Roth, N. P. (2013). Intensive instruction in reading components: A comparison of instructional focus. 20(1), 23-38.

Kallemeyn, L., Schiazza, D., Ryan, A. M. Peters, J., & Johnson, C. (2013). Ambitious U.S. history teachers bringing professional development into the classroom: A mixed methods study. 20(1), 39-56.

Levine, A. C. (2013). The sustaining power of hope: Perspectives of public school teachers. 20(1), 57-75.

Zientek, L. R., Younes, R., Nimon, K., Mittag, K. C., & Taylor, S. (2013). Fractions as a foundation for algebra within a sample of prospective teachers. 20(1), 76-95.

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