Facade of Little Rock Central High School


The session will consist of no more than four (4) presenters, who will each have 10 minutes to present their research. A presider will keep time and reserve the last moments of the session to entertain questions and further discussion. If there are three presentations, each presenter will have 13 minutes. If there are two presentations, each presenter will have 20 minutes. It is more often the case that there will be three (3) presenters for each paper session.



Roundtable presenters will be assigned a table in a large conference room, where they will join other presenters and those wishing to engage in discussion. Presenters should expect to share equal time of the session to present their research and engage in an active discussion with participants.



A training session will customarily feature one topic and offer participants an interactive presentation or demonstration of a resource, strategy, or approach. 



A symposium session typically consists of a panel of researchers discussing a topic from a variety of perspectives. The moderator usually will offer an opportunity for audience questions at the end of the session.



A poster session features the research of a variety of presenters in one large conference room. Each presenter will provide a visual presentation that includes images and text to communicate the research project. Participants will have the opportunity to walk among the posters and engage each presenter in a discussion of their research. Presenters should expect to be prepared to give a short presentation on their research every ten or fifteen minutes.

Posters should be mounted on a standard 36" x 48" tri-fold presentation board (provided by the presenter).

Presenter Information

Read below for brief information regarding the format of the presentation types offered at the annual meeting.

Annual Meeting Preregistration Rates

(through Monday, October 10, 2022) 

Professional- $150.00  

Student - $65.00  

Retiree - $65.00