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Supporting Students

MSERA is committed to supporting students through the collective scholarship of its members as well as through opportunities for graduate students committed to making a difference in education through research.

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The purpose of the University Student Advisory Committee is to highlight the needs and accomplishments of undergraduate and graduate (university) students to the MSERA membership. The University Student Director on the Board serves as co-chair of this committee with an experienced MSERA member serving as a senior co-chair. The past University Student Director and past MSERA member also serve as volunteers for the University Student Advisory Committee in the year following their service. 

Dr. Kelly Byrd, 2023 University Student Advisory Co-Chair

The University Student Director (USD) represents both undergraduate and graduate students, serving a one-year term, with the possibility of re-election for a second term, provided they remain enrolled in a university. The USD is chosen by MSERA members in attendance at the Business Session during the Annual Meeting.


The primary responsibilities of the USD include attending all regular and special business meetings of the board. Additionally, the USD actively promotes MSERA within the student community by recruiting members and disseminating information about the annual call for papers and the meeting to the educational research community. The USD also co-chairs the University Student Advisory Committee, working alongside an experienced MSERA member as a fellow Co-Chair.


If you are interested in running for the USD position at this year's Annual Meeting or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mindy at

Mindy Waldrop, 2023 University Student Director

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