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Presenter Information

Read below for brief information regarding the format of the presentation types offered at the annual meeting.

Tips for Presenters

Tips for Presenters

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  • Bring a dongle for your mobile device. We will have projectors, but presenters are responsible for their own technology for presenting.

  • Keep to your allotted time (as shared by the presider). In many cases, several presenters are sharing time for each session. If there are 3 presentations, each presenter will have 13 minutes. If there are two presentations, each presenter will have 20 minutes. The presider will monitor time for each presenter and offer a Q&A after all presentations are complete.

  • Designing a slide deck (e.g., PowerPoint) with more imagery (e.g., graphs and charts) better conveys your message than slides of just text.

  • In lieu of sharing hard copies of your paper, feel free to share a QR code linked to a digital file with attendees.



  • When you enter the roundtable session room, look for the number on the table that matches the table number in the program. If you have difficulty finding your table, a presider will be available to help. 

  • Plan to present your research for no more than 10 minutes and then offer a 5 minute Q&A. Moderate your time accordingly. Technology is not provided, so presenters should plan accordingly if they wish to share a slide deck (e.g., QR code, link) or 1 page summary of your research.

  • Roundtable presentations are generally more informal than paper presentations, and presenters are encouraged to engage in a discussion with attendees. Attendees, in turn, should feel free to move about as they see fit.



Presenters will offer participants an interactive presentation or demonstration of a resource, strategy, or approach. Include an opportunity for Q&A throughout or at the end of your training session.



The panel of researchers will discuss a topic from a variety of perspectives in one large conference room. Include an opportunity for Q&A throughout or at the end of your training session.



  • When you enter the poster session room, pick up an available tri-fold board to attach your poster.  A standard 36” x 48” tri-fold board and clips will be provided. 

  • Participants will have the opportunity to walk among the posters and engage with you to discuss your research. Prepare to give a short presentation every 10 to 15 minutes.

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