Research-in-Progress Awards

The RIP conference sessions are reserved for university (undergraduate and graduate) students’ presentations of their research studies. The research studies can reflect initial elements of a research study as well as a completed research study prior to the dissertation defense. The author of each accepted proposal will make either a 10 to 13-minute presentation in a research session or share their research within a round table RIP session.


A general discussion will follow the presentation in both venues. 

  • Proposals must describe research or the plan/literature review on which the student is currently working. 

  • Papers may be one of two types:

    • Research, evaluation, or program results

    • Reviews of the literature


An abstract for an RIP session should include as much of the following items that the student currently has completed. At a minimum, the following should be included: 

  • A statement of the problem

  • A brief description of the research topic that provides the theoretical grounding for the problem (literature review).


Because of the on-going nature of Research in Progress, proposals may not have all of the following elements completed, but the following should be included if possible.

  1. A statement of the problem

  2. A brief description of the research topic that provides the theoretical grounding for the problem (literature review).

  3. A summary of the methods or intended methods which includes a description of data collection, instrumentation, analysis, and subjects

  4. Results, if available

  5. Conclusions/implications of the study, if available

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2022 Recipients of the Research-in-Progress Awards

Angela S. Kuykendoll, University of Memphis

Bethany LaValley, University of Mississippi

Bob Jordan, Northwestern State University

Connar Franklin, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Jessica Lemoine, Northwestern State University

Keila Moreno, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Nathan Hite, Louisiana State University

Sabrina Stanley, University of Alabama

Tanya Wasmer, Northwestern State University

Tina Garrett, Delta State University

The Award

Research-in-Progress Awards are presented to those doctoral students whose dissertations are still in progress at the time of the MSERA conference and whose proposals scored high enough in the proposal process to warrant recognition.


In addition, these students must complete the RiP Award application, attend/present their papers (based on their research in progress) at the conference, as well as attend the MSERA Business Meeting held during the last full day of the Annual Meeting.


Each award is in the form of a monetary stipend given by the Mid-South Educational Research Foundation, which has as one of its goals the encouragement of educational research.