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Research-in-Progress Awards

 Reserach-in-Progress (RiP), an initiative of the Mid-South Education Research Foundation (MSERF), provides a formal presentation opportunity for university students (graduate & undergraduate) who are engaged in research that is underway but is not sufficiently far along to submit for other MSERA submissions. 


Sessions will include up to 3-5 student presenters, group by research interest area, and will be chaired and by a facilitator. The author of each accepted proposal will make either a 10-minute presentation in a research session or share their research within a round table RiP session. A general discussion will follow the presentation in both venues. The RiP Roundtables and Presentations are intended to maximize interaction and discussion of each research project.


Session Descriptions 

Research-in-Progress is intended for presentation of research projects that are not yet completed but are sufficiently far along to share their work and contribute to a substantive discussion of the work at its current stage. The RiP sessions are designed for university students to present research underway and not work that is still being planned or has not yet commenced. Students seeking to participate in the RiP series should be able to prepare a working paper that sets forth the research, where they are in the research process, and salient issues related to the project, findings, and completion of the work. 


RiP Roundtable Sessions will be 50 minutes long and each roundtable will include 3 to 5 participants. Like other Annual Meeting roundtable sessions, RiP Roundtables will emphasize interaction, so there are only brief presentations to stimulate discussion and no discussants. Because of the emphasis on brief presentations and discussion and the physical configuration of this type of roundtables in large rooms with multiple roundtables, no audiovisual equipment is provided. Presenters who wish to display brief information may do so from their own tablet or laptop computer. A session handout with your contact information is encouraged as well.


RiP Presentation Sessions will be 50 minutes long and will include 3 to 5 student participants. Students will each present a 10-12 minute presentation of their RiP followed by a general discussion facilitated by an assigned MSERA member. 



Students submitting their work to be presented as RiP must be: 

  • A university student (graduate or undergraduate) in a degree program at the time of application and during the 2024 MSERA Annual Meeting

  • Committed to attending the 2024 MSERA Annual Meeting in person 


Submission Requirements

Complete the MSERA RiP Submission no later than June 30, 2024. 

Upload a brief working paper (maximum 1000 words) that provides an overview of the research in progress, describes the current stage of the project, and includes brief descriptions of the following: 

  1. Research problem or objectives 

  2. Theoretical or conceptual framework 

  3. Research question(s) and relevant literature 

  4. Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry 

  5. Data sources, evidence, objects, or materials 

  6. Preliminary or anticipated findings 

  7. Scholarly significance or anticipated contribution to the field 

  8. Anticipated progress or next steps prior to the Annual Meeting 

**Submissions will not be considered complete if they do not include each of the above eight elements. 

Subheadings are a helpful way to organize your submissions but are not required.

Paper should follow current APA formatting guidelines including in-text citations.


All accepted proposals will be considered for one of the Distinguished RiP Awards to be given at the Annual Meeting. Follow this link for more information about the Distinguished RiP Awards guidelines. 


If you have questions about Research-in-Progress, please email and include “MSERA RiP” in the subject line.

2023 Recipients of the Research-in-Progress Awards

James Barbee, Union University (Jackson, TN)
Dana Barchak, University of Memphis
Claudia Bawole, University of Alabama
Patricia Gordon, Louisiana Tech
LoRen Modisa, University of South Alabama
Camryn O'Conner, Arkansas State University
Pamela Shewalter, Middle Tennessee State University
Jill Westerlund, University of Alabama

Distinguished Research in Progress Awards

Guidelines for Distinguished RiP Awards

Upon review of all RiP (Research in Progress) proposals, those eligible to receive a Distinguished RiP Award will be notified via email, which will include the RiP Award Application and instructions for completion. 

Any Distinguished RiP Award Recipient must

  • Be a current student at the time of the Annual Meeting

  • Be sole or Primary Author

  • Submit completed RiP Award Application and supporting materials by October 1, 2024

  • Register for the Annual Meeting

  • Attend Annual Meeting

  • Present RiP (research not completed or successfully defended by the time of the Annual Meeting) in assigned RiP Paper Session or Roundtable Session.

  • Be present at the MSERA Business Meeting on Thursday Evening.

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