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Walter M. Mathews Historical Contribution Award

The Walter M. Mathews Historical Contributions Award was created in 1999 to honor Walter Mathews, the founder of MSERA. The intent of the award is to recognize those who have contributed to change within the association to achieve the evolving vision. Recipients of this award should have a record of enabling the association to change in positive ways to benefit the MSERA membership over a period of years. 

Individuals who are nominated for this award may be longstanding members of MSERA, former MSERA officers, and/or MSERA members who served as mentors to new professional and student members.  The Executive Committee of MSERA may choose to present up to three awards in a single year.


The basis for selection to receive this award will be stated when the award is announced and in any other forums where presentation of this award is reported.

Nominations are solicited by announcements in The Researcher (May issue) and on the MSERA website. Nominations are sent to the current President of MSERA or designee.  Upon receipt of the nominations, the President or designated chair reviews the list of previous awardees to retain only names of those who have not previously been given this award. 

Selection Procedures

The selection committee for this award is the MSERA Executive Committee. The President or designated chair forms a committee to rank all of the nominees. Rankings from each committee member are reversed to give the first ranked nominee the highest points; the lowest ranked the least points.


The nominee with the greatest cumulative points is selected. In the event of a tie, the committee can choose to give the award to all tied individuals or to have a second round of rankings to break the tie.

Past recipients of the Walter M. Mathews Historical Contribution Award

2023    Tina Allen

2022    Franz Reneau

2021    Ava Pugh

2020    Charles Notar

2019    Suzanne Franco

2018    Jwa Kim

2017    Larry Daniel

2016    Julie Holmes

2015    Randy Parker

2014    Jane Nell Luster

2013    Jim E. McLean

2012    Mary Beth Evans, Judith Boser, and Cliff Hofwolt

2010    David Morse, Linda Morse 

2009    Ron Adams 

2008    Jerry Robbins, John Enger 

2006    George Gaines 

2004    Harry Bowman, John Petry 

2003    Charles Achilles 

2002    Jeffrey Gorrell, Richard Kazelskis 

2001    Fred Bellott, John Burns, Eugene Jongsma, Ron Partridge 

2000    Walter Mathews

The Award

 The award is made at the annual business meeting of MSERA in November with each recipient receiving a plaque.

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